Bio! News – September 2011 – A

Bio! News
September, 2011 – A

Antibiotic resistant prehistoric bacteria 

Using a metagenomic approach, a canadian research group determined that antibiotic resistance genes are not an antibiotic-era evolutionary innovation, since beta-lactam, tetracycline and vancomycin resistance mechanisms can be tracked back to 30,000 year-old samples.

Forensic DNA databases and the false match risk

 With the new European super-network of DNA databases, comprehensive DNA marker profiling is needed; otherwise, terrible mistakes will be made.

HeLa cells succesfully classified by a synthetic genetic circuit

A synthetic genetic circuit that senses a cell’s microRNA profile can differentiate and induce apoptosis in cancerous cells, leaving healthy cells intact.

Phasing synthetic genetic oscillators

Calibration and oscillation’s characterization are essential for the development of a synthetic biological clock; researchers at the University of California are working with synthetic genetic circuits, microfluidics and developing mathematical models for the precise analysis and future application of these synthetic genetic circuits.


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