Bio! News – September, 2011B

Bio! News
September, 2011 – B

Two chromosome-arms of the yeast genome have been synthesized and proved to be functional. Furthermore, they are capable to shuffle their contents by lox recombination, generating a huge variety of genotypes and phenotypes. This achievement is comparable to the last year’s report about the first synthetic functional bacterial cell, developed by the Craig Venter Institute, and represents a cornerstone in the development of the first synthetic eukaryotic genome. The project has a precedent on the iGEM competition.

My.Microbes is a new social networking platform launched to bring together people with similar enterotypes (i.e., the bacterial signature of each person’s intestinal tract), so they can share their particular digestive issues and diet tips. The project is also remarkable because, if it turns successful, then many associations between other traits -like obesity, bowel disease and drug response- may be reinforced.

Using an alginate binder, more stable and durable Silicon-based anodes can be built. This means a new alternative for toxic compounds that are currently used for Lithium batteries.

The frustration of a dead-end project can be effectively and productively avoided by considering a few things before engaging on it and also during the process.


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