Bio! News – November, 2011B

Bio! News
November, 2011 – B

The light left behind
The neutrino experiment was replicated in more stringent conditions. Again, data indicates they travel faster than light.

Foldit: from games to science
The strategies followed by the top players of the protein structure game, Foldit, are actually very similar to a protein folding algorithm developed by scientific experts, which is used for enzyme design. Foldit gamers have also surprised the scientific community by solving the structure of a retroviral protease.

The power of transcription factors
The directed deletion in skeletal muscle of the transcription factor NCor1 leads to increased muscle mass, increased mithocondrial activity and enhanced excercise performance in mice.

A research team found out that some fetal cells can migrate to its mother’s heart, differentiate into cardiac tissue and help cope with injured myocardium. This opens a whole new opportunity for cardiac regenerative therapy.


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