Bio! News November, 2011 – C

Bio! News
November, 2011 – C

Reaching the stars
The samples collected from comets, meteorites and dust particles contain dust procedent from ancient stars and can provide information regarding stars formation. The analytic tools provided by Cosmochemistry have had some recent advances that promise the development of exciting new discoveries.

Move on… and cooperate!
Social links directly affect the cooperative behavior of the group as a whole: cooperation decays when the social links are constantly shuffled and it does the same when the links are fixed. It appears that frequent change of social links is the key for cooperation, as it is a means of getting rid of defective relations.

Naming elements 114 and 116
The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) is waiting for its council approval regarding the name and symbol proposals for elements 114 and 116: flerovium (Fl) and livermorium (Lv), respectively.

There is still much to discover about the human genome. Some genomic regions have no complete annotation assigned and may contain novel genes, but could also contain cryptic or novel repetitive sequences.  Conventional repeat finding and annotation is based on consensus alignment and from them, it can be estimated that 45 – 50% of the genome is made of repetitive sequences. A new approach based on P-clouds supports a different scenario, where at least 66 – 69% of the human genome is composed by repetitive sequences, mainly transposable elements.

Missing transcripts
The discovery and validation of novel human transcripts from which there is no data in the current RefSeq databases suggests that there is still a lot to discover and highlights the importance of genome refining.

Sensitive plants
Agrobacterium-mediated transiently transfected plants can express red fluorescent protein in response to pathogens or plant stresses.

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  1. Nice, most of all I like the ending of this blog post, I am a huge plant fan and I should admit I had no idea about this fact before. That was amazing to get to know this, I am glad I found this post of yours.


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