Bio! News January, 2012 – A

Bio! News
January, 2012 – A

Chimeric monkeys

Chimeric offspring of rhesus monkeys was obtained using totipotent cells procedent from four-cell stage blastocysts. The study demonstrates that the aggregation of three or more cleaving monkey embryos result in the production of chimeric offspring, finding chimerism in all tissues and organs of fetuses.

Although best know for regulating DNA transcription, a study in yeasts provides evidence regarding one other role of promoter regions: the regulation of mRNA kinetics. The presence of a Rap1p binding sites and the protein Rap1p is reported to be enough to accelerate the decay of a repoorter mRNA.
Errors on the starting information obtained by high throughput technologies are further translated into artifacts in evolutionary studies of coding sequences. The study is focused on the divergence rate of which genes are subject after a duplication event and it has found that, when taken into account, errors on sequence data are the cause of the majority (57%) of detected events.

Facebook: an analysis of tastes and friendships
Individual preferences on music, literature and films tend to form clusters in the Facebook network. Moreover, it seems that persons that share an affection for some particular music clusters -lite/classic rock, as well as classical/jazz music, which is also seems to be the most socially contagious music cluster- tend to become and remain friends, while this tendency is not significant for other music clusters. Other social segregation parameters tested were: shared residence, shared academic field, gender, racial background, region of origin, and socioeconomic status.


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