Bio! News January 2012 – C

Bio! News
January 2012 – C

A high-resolution contact map of Drosophila’s genome has been reported, providing information on chromosomal organization and gene epigenetic regulation and loci physical interactions.

The famous protein structure game, Foldit, is a very interesting source of information for scientists. Recently, a new enzyme -a Diels-Alderase- has been designed guided by principles taken from Foldit gamer strategies. 

A mathematical model of pancreatic cancer estimates important parameters and provides useful information for therapeutic interventions. 

TiO2 is a nanomaterial that is currently used for water desinfection and is currently being tested as cancer therapeutic. Its citoxicity is related to oxidative stress induction, as TiO2 is reported to be a photocatalysts that generates reactive oxygen species (ROS). A new study that simulates natural UV photoactivation provides evidence of TiO2 mediated phytoplankton toxicity.

New efforts on the biosynthesis of precursors of artemisinin -an anti-malaria drug- report the development of a yeast strain capable of synthesizing the precursor amorphadiene up to 40 g/L and provides a complete framework for semisynthesis of artemisinin.


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