Bio! News February 2012 / A

Bio! News
February 2012 / A

A group of the University of Washington recently reported the identification single-species genomes -including one corresponding to an archea that has never been cultured and that represented 1.7% of the sample- from a metagenomic sample. The bioinformatic method employed opens new possibilities to study genomic diversity and also may help to deduce culture conditions for the not-previously cultured organisms, based on the inference of metabolic pathways.

Inducing a short-circuit on the regulation of a development-related gene, a research group confirme a predicted phenotype and discover new regulation points on the development of mesodermal cell lineages of sea urchin embryos.

On wine and well-being: the effects of resveratrol

A recently published study reports the specific effects of resveratrol: the inhibition of cAMP phosphodiesterases, which causes increase in mithocondrial function and other health related effects.

A research group has found that telomere length at birth is correlated with longetivity in zebra finches, with longer telomeres being associated to longer life-span.


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