Bio! News February 2012 B

Bio! News
February 2012 B

Immunostrips and cell phones
A team from the University of Colorado developed a method for reading immunostrips using cell phones and call it Mobile Image Ratiometry.

Ancient genomics
The group of Svante Pääbo at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropoly in Leipzig has recently uploaded a 30x version of a Denisovan -a 30,000 years old hominid- genome.

An informatic tool for Synthetic Biology and Metabolic Engineering
A new method that retrieves the most cost-efficient pathways to transform a set of reactants into a set of products in a given chassis has been recently reported (printed publication ahead). This method will be of especial interest for designing heterologous pathways.

Not so plenty of fish in the sea
A recent publication from the Stony Brook University states that biodiversity in freshwater ecosystems is greater than that of marine ecosystems; moreover, the data indicates that marine organisms may have originated from freshwater ancestors.


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