Bio! News February, 2012 – D

Bio! News
February, 2012 – D

Oxford Nanopore recently released a DNA sequencing platform that is the size of a USB stick (MinION, that is expected to have a retail price of US$900) and presented the first genome to be sequenced with their GridION technology. The company claims they are on the way to sequence the human genome in 15 min.

The Harvard Medical School recently published the development of a new DNA nanostructure built through DNA origami can perform logic gates and deliver a payload to cells. It is interesting to note that this idea was once an iGEM project.

Four new chamaleon species were discovered in Madagascar; one of the most remarkable feature of these creatures is that they are only around 24 mm in length. 

Using seeds preserved in ancient squirrel burrows found in the permafrost of northern Siberia, a russian group was able to grow a 30,000 year old plant through in vivo tissue culture and micropropagation.

With only a phosphorus atom, scientists were able to build a transistor using a scanning tunneling microscope and hydrogen-resist lithography.

A recent study claims that Ustilago maydis secretome is useful for improving the sugar release on the breakdown of wheat straw when supplemented to an industrial enzymatic cocktail.

New evidence supports the notion that DNA methylation patterns in genes differs among populations.

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