Bio! News March 2012 – A

Bio! News
March 2012 – A

Researchers have discovered how marijuana impairs short term memory by a new mechanism of  in which astroglia is involved. This kind of cells were previously thought to only exhibit a structural role, but the new results indicate otherwise.

Researchers report a new genome assembly scheme that can assemble the whole human genome using 54 GB of memory. The genome assembly process is made more accessible by algorithms that run on compressed data and the authors claim it is the very first assembly method that can deal with mammal-size genomes in a low-end computer cluster. The authors expect that data from new sequencing technologies will help to reduce running time and they mention its potential application in metagenomic studies.
A new concept in bioinformatics education; japanese TogoTV is presented in Briefings in Bioinformatics.

Using genetic code expansion, a research group conjugated oligonucleotides to antibodies. These “oligobodies” are presented as a new diagnostic strategy that the research team tested detecting Her2+ cells.

Researchers have now reported successful kidney transplants between non-matching individuals. They accomplished this by first transplanting hematopoietic stem cells and graft facilitating cells, followed by  radiation and chemotherapy.

The mechanisms through which archaeal cells segregate their chromosomes begin to be elucidated by new results.

The gorilla genome has been completed. It provides more information for studying hominid evolution.


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