Bio! News March 2012 – C

Bio! News
March 2012 – C

From Velten, et al., (2012)

A new methodology can generate a picture of objects hidden behind a wall by detecting the reflected laser light scattering with ultra-fast imaging and transforming the data into a composite 3D image.

From Chen, et al., (2012).

The use of parallel individualized mice models of cancer patients in clinical trials aids in the detection of useful biomarkers and, by spotting non-responders genotypes, increase the response rate and bring back drugs that have previously been discarded; the use of parallel mice cancer models may also provide information for the proper chemotherapy for a given patient.

From Young, et al., (2012).

Whole genome disease phenotype tracking
Using whole genome sequencing, a recent study has tracked the evolution of Staphylococcus aureus from a carrier phenotype to a septic phenotype over a 13 month period; the researchers identified eight mutations, mostly truncations, that were further supported by analyzing the evolution of asymptomatic carriers.

Satellite archaeology
Using multiespectral satellite images and image analysis algorithms that track the reflective characteristics of anthrosols -a distinctive soil pattern left by human activities-, a new study reports the identification of ancient human settlement sites in Syria.

A new set of improved switchable fluorescent proteins has been reported; switchable fluorescent proteins can be used, for example, in ultra-resolution imaging.

Bioinformatics in the clouds
CloudBioLinux is a cloud-based suite of bioinformatic resources that will aid those labs without the required computational infrastructure for large data analysis.


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