Bio! News March 2012 – D

Bio! News

March 2012 – D

From: Israde-Alcántara, et al., (2012)
Nanodiamonds recently found in Lake Cuitzeo in Mexico support the hypothesis that claims that impacts of extraterrestrial material caused the Younger Dryas. These nanodiamonds are found in an earth layer 12.9 ka (kiloannums) old that has been also found in other places in North America, Greenland and Western Europe and whose formation cannot be explained by any known earth process, the authors claim.

From: Tian et al., (2012).
A recent study reports the use of enzyme-substrate pairs as a method for directing small molecules to specific cells; the method relies on the unmasking of a small molecule after a cell-specific enzyme cleaves  a substrate moiety attached to the small molecule. The researchers used an esterase-ester pair and confirmed that the unmasking was cell-specific using a fluorescent probe and Monastrol as the small molecule.

From: Gather and Yun, (2012).
A research group has reported the construction of a living cell-based laser; the researchers used GFP as a the gain medium.


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