Bio! News April 2012 – B

Bio! News
April 2012 – B

From Callura et al.,(2012).

A genetic switchboard that controls the flux through different E. coli’s glucose metabolic pathways has been recently reported. The system is based on riboregulators that link external signals with the expression of a particular set of genes. The regulation of glucose metabolism is presented as a proof of concept of a system that can be extended to other pathways.

A recent study provides evidence on the fact that microcystins, a family of hepatotoxic peptides synthesized by cyanobacteria, are widespread among cyanobacteria.

From Schmid, et al., (2012).
A group of MIT and Harvard scientists report the development of a new methodology gene expression data classifier. The method does not use paired comparisons (e.g., healthy vs. ill), but uses an enrichment score that relates the tightness of the association between gene expression samples and database concepts.

Social rank and genetics
A recent study in primates provides evidence on the gene expression effects that social rank has on individuals.


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