Bio! News May 2012 – A

Bio! News
May 2012 – A

From Buesseler, et al., (2012).

Fukushima radionuclides
A recent study reports that Cesium and Silver radionuclides originated from Fukushima fallout can be found in zooplankton and some fishes in the Pacific Ocean, but states that the radiation risks are below concern for animals and humans.

Naturally ocurring chimeras of DNA and RNA virus have been reported in a recent Metagenomics study conducted in a hot spring environment. The emergence of this chimeric viral genomes is claimed to be the product of the recombination of different DNA and RNA virus.
From Pinheiro, et al., (2012).

Artificial genetics
Evolving and replication capable artificial molecules, XNAs (xeno-nucleic acids), which resemble DNA structure, have been reported recently. These molecules can be replicated by enzymes, reverse-transcribed to DNA and show Darwinian evolution when tested with aptamer selection experiments.

From Stanley, et al., (2012).

Remote controlled genes
A recent study reports the engineering of temperature-sensitive, nanoparticle-coated ion channels that can be controlled by distant microwave sources, to subsequently regulate the expression of a recombinant insulin gene controlled by a calcium-responsive promoter.



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