Bio! News June 2012 – A

Bio! News
June 2012 – A

From: Nature News
Recent attacks against scientists by eco-anarchists groups have raised awareness all around the world. Registered attacks have been directed to nuclear and nanotechnology scientists in Italy and Mexico and also a lobby group in Switzerland. 

A recent study that intends to correlate genomic composition with political preferences raises awareness on the consideration that should be taken into account on this  kind of studies, specially when focused on complex social phenotypes.

From: Hanski, et al., (2012).
A recent study provides evidence on the claim that human allergies prevalence may increase as a result of microbial biodiversity loss in people’s surroundings. The authors found that the diversity of skin microbiota of patients is negatively influenced by the lack of microbial biodiversity of their home surroundings; this lack of diversity in the skin microbiota, in turn, can lead to deficient regulation of the immunological response and allergy.


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