Bio! News June – B

Bio! News
June – B

From: The Tomato Genome Consortium, (2012).

The Tomato Genome Consortium has recently published a high-quality sequence for the tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) Heinz 1706 genome. The tomato genome is about 900 Megabases distributed in 12 chromosomes. The authors also did some phylogenetic analysis and found that the Solanum lineage -of which potatoes are also a members- has experienced a genome triplication

From: Schlecht, et al., (2012).

A new method for the detection of multiple protein-protein interactions has been reported. One important feature of this method is that it can assess different growth conditions, so that changes in protein interactions due to the presence of different chemicals can be detected. It relies on the use of molecular barcodes that enable the pooling of different protein-fragment complementation yeast strains.

Ebola antibodies and monkeys

A new study shows that the administration of an antibody cocktail directed to the envelope glycoprotein of Ebola virions can result in complete survival of infected monkeys when administered three times after 24 hours of the exposure to the virus.


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