Bio! News June 2012 -D

From: iGEM 2010 Team Harvard

Bio! News

June 2012 -D
A recent publication presents the work of iGEM team Harvard 2010 on plant BioBricks. The team developed a system in Arabidopsis thaliana that expresses the protein miraculin, a flavor inverter. The whole team appear as co-authors.
From: Köhler, et al., (2012).
A recent study provides evidence on that cyclical growth -a trait previously thought to be exclusive of exothermic animals, like reptiles- is in fact a widespread trait of endotherms that show seasonal growth variations. This observation leads us to question the  model of dinosaur exothermy.
From: Bawazer, et al., (2012).
A new emulsion-based, cell-free platform for directed evolution of silicateins -a group of mineralizing enzymes- is introduced in a recent study. The authors successfully used this cell-free gene expression and selection platform to select enzymes with non-natural activity, specifically, those variants capable of synthesizing silicon dioxide and titanium dioxide.


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