Bio! News August 2012 – B

Bio! News
August 2012 – B

From: NASA
NASA’s research rover “Curiosity” has landed on Mars, within the Gale Crater, and is ready for its 6 year mission, during which scientists expect to collect data that will help elucidate Martian geoloical history. It is remarkable that the landing was the smoothest that has ever been achieved, with Curiosity landing at a speed of less than one meter per second.
A new publication reports the creation of an bioinformatic platform to automatically download complete metabolic networks from more than 1,200 species from the KEGG database and build models for metabolic simulation.
From Wei, et al., (2012).
A recent paper shows the results of simulations ran with two earth models and show that developed countries have contributed more than developing countries on matters such as global temperature rise and sea-ice reduction.


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