Bio! News August 2012 – C

Bio! News
August 2012 – C

From Valmalette, et al., (2012).

A recent study provides evidence on that insects may perform photosynthesis by themselves. Researches found that aphid -a kind of insects- chromophores can harvest light energy and produce redox pontential that, at the end, may go to the mitochondrial ATP generating mechanisms.

From Khalil, et al., (2012).

A set of designed, orthogonal zinc-finger transcription factors was generated and tested in yeasts; this transcription factor set was generated through rational design, in order to fine-tune DNA affinity and protein-protein interactions.
A recent study reports the discovery of a new potential target for reversible contraception in males. This target is the BRDT (Bromodomain Testis-specific) and, using a small-molecule ligand, called JQ1, reversible contraception is achieved in mice.


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