Bio! News August 2012 – D

Bio! News
August 2012 – D

From Science Exchange blog
Due to the widely known concerns regarding reproducibility in science, Science Exchange, PLoS and figshare, along with top tier journals, are launching an initiative that will allow scientists to submit their work to a validation process by a validation service provider. Validated studies will be recognized with a  certificate and this validation procedure may be published by the researcher in an independent publication at the PLoS Reproducibility Collection. 

From Uhlendorf, et al., (2012).
An external feedback loop maintained by real-time, automated image monitoring to achieve closed loop-control in a microfluidic device, has been developed to precisely regulate gene expression. This procedure is claimed to reduce noise at single cell and population level in the long term. The study stands out because of constituting a proof of principle to change the paradigm from in-cell feedback loops to control and study gene expression, to external, environmental feedback loops. The work may have important implications for directed evolution procedures.

From Raftery, et al., (2012).
Using a Bayesian probabilistic approach, a recent study made predictions of the world population. The results can be found stratified by different categories and considers the uncertainty provided by mortality and fertility. 


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