Bio! News October 2012 – B

Bio! News
October 2012 – B

Polar diversity

Ghiglione, et al., (2012).
A study sheds light on the diversity found in the waters from the Arctic and Southern oceans. Researchers tested a number of samples from different depths (surface or deep water), locations (coastal or open sea) and time (winter or spring) in both polar water masses , as well as some samples from lower latitudes. It was found that most the microbial OTUs from the Arctic and Southern oceans are unique to each place, while 15% of the OTUs where shared.

Carlson, et al., (2012).
The generation of fusion proteins comprised by a DNA binding domain and a FokI zinc finger endonuclase developed recently in novel and site specific genome engineering techniques. Interestingly, the TALEN (Transcription activator-like effector nucleases) technique can be rationally designed to target specific sequences more easily than a technique based on engineered zinc fingers. Now, knockout livestock was successfully generated through TALEN mediated gene knockout in fibroblasts and cloning.

Rostovksaya, et al., (2012).

BAC mediated human ES transgenesis

A recent study reports that BACs can be employed to generate transgenic human ES cells with large constructs (more than 19 – 25 kb) using transposition mechanisms. These results provide evidence on BACs utility despite the concerns on their physical stability.


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