Bio! News January 2013 – A

Bio! News
January 2013 – A

From “Carl Woese, (R)evolutionary Biologist”

Evolutionary Biologist Dr. Carl Woese passed away last Sunday, December 30, 2012. He became famous in the 1970s because of his methods -based on ribosomal DNA comparisons- to analyze the phylogeny of microorganisms, which led him and his colleagues to propose a new classification that remains a paradigm, commonly known as the “three domain classification”. This classification comprises Domain Eukaryota, Domain Bacteria and a previously unrecognized category, Domain Archea. 
From Hughes and Herr, (2012).
The principles for a high-throughput version of the Western blot assay with enormous application potential for Systems Biology and diagnostics are presented in a recent publication. The μWestern blot procedure relies on microfluidics and a photopatternable and light-responsive matrix to size proteins and label them with antibodies. The procedure was tested for NFkB and GAPDH from a 293T cell lysate, HIV purified proteins and human sera antibodies. Remarkably, μWestern blotting uses less than 1 ng of antibody and approximately 300 μL of buffers, in contrast to the almost 1 μg of antibody and 300 mL of buffers in conventional Western blotting. The lowest concentration detected was 50 pM and a dynamic range of up to 3.6 logs was determined. Finally, running times spanned from 10 to 60 min.


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