Bio! News January 2013 – C

Bio! News
January 2013 – C

A synthetic Schmallenberg

From Varela et al., (2013).

Using a Synthetic Biology approach, researchers built a synthetic variant of the Schmallenberg Virus -or SBV, an arthropod-borne virus that is associated with abortions in cattle and sheep- and used them to generate a new reverse genetics platform to study its replication cycle, tropism and virulence determinants. 

From Ye et al., (2013).

Synthetic Biology vs metabolic syndrome
By rewiring a cellular signaling cascade to activate a bifunctional hormone (a combination of GLP-1 and leptin) using an antihypertensive drug (guanabenz), researchers from the Fussenegger group were able to relief metabolic syndrome symptoms in affected mice. 

Metabolic flux sensor evidence
Experimental evidence for a metabolic flux sensor in E. coli is presented in a recent publication. Researchers argue that Fructose -1,6- bisphosphate concentration acts as a proxy of the flux through the glycolytic pathway and signals transcription factor Cre to regulate gene expression.


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