Bio! News February 2013 – A

Bio! News
February 2013 – A

From Saphiro et al., (2013).
A reference genome for the rock pigeon has been sequenced along with the genome of a number of other pigeon varieties. Phylogenetic analysis showed that the time to the most recent ancestor of the analysed pigeon breeds is around 1.65 million years in an average genomic locus. Some geographic data also helped to determine the origin of some breeds. The genomic data is expected to encourage the use of pigeons as a model for genetic variation in birds. 

From Chappell, Jensen and Freemont, (2013).

Cell-free characterization of regulatory elements
Researchers from the Centre for Synthetic Biology and Innovation at Imperial College describe a completely in vitro method for the characterization of genetic regulatory elements (constitutive promoters, RBS and inducible promoters). In their publication, they validate this method and show how it is correlated with in vivo measurements. Of remark is that the in vitro procedure can be performed in 5 h and may allow for faster annotation of libraries and prototyping standard biological parts.


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