Bio! News June 2013 – A

New high-density lipoprotein-like nanoparticles that detect mitochondrial potential collapse were employed to detect cells ongoing apoptosis and were shown to be promising candidates to become an early diagnosis tool for atherosclerosis.
From Dickinson, et al., (2013).
Researchers tracked evolutionary convergence of a genetic element using Phage-assisted continuous evolution (PACE). They started with similar sequences for an enzyme and subjected the phage population to a number of environmental stresses that should made
them take different evolutionary paths and then made them take a convergent evolution path that should lead to a common outcome. Interestingly, the outcomes were dependent on the evolutionary path taken. The study provides insights for the design of laboratory scale evolution schemes.
A multi-institutional research group, with teams in the USA and Latin America, report the sequencing and assembly of the genome of the most cultivated cacao breed (Theobroma cacao L. cultivar Matina 1-6) and discovered a potential genetic basis for cacao pigmentation.


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