The Incubation Times – October 2013

Hello, everyone! It’s been a while since the last Incubation Times and there’s a lot to discuss, so… let’s go!
First, for all of you that haven’t noticed yet, there’s this cool new project called GetSynBio, which you need to check out. According to their site, GetSynBio is a community-driven effort and is sponsored by Genome Compiler Combinatorial Design. They have a Twitter account @GetSynBio and their blog is regularly updated.
In GetSynBio you can also find this sweet interactive map developed by SynBio Consulting, where all the iGEM teams in the world that ever participated in the competition can be found, along with the abstract of their projects, a search tool and filter options for years, medals, prizes and tracks, to better navigate the information.
Since we’re planning the update for our database, it’d be great to see if these two efforts can be merged.
In other matters, the iGEM regional jamborees are on! The Asian, Latin American and North American jamborees already took place and the European will be held this weekend (October 11 to 13).
Best of lucks to all the teams that remain to present their work and those that made it to the World Championship!
Now, this year’s fall has apparently been chosen as the Season of the Coolest Congresses.
In the state of Nuevo León, Mexico, the Student Association of Genomic Biotechnology (ASEBIOGEN) is organizing the new edition of the congress GENOBIOTEC, which will take place from November 21st to the 23rd. The congress will have as main topics: 1) Bio-engineering, 2) Computational Biology, 3) Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Gene Therapy, 4) Plant Biotechnology, 5) Synthetic Biology, 6) Systems Biology, 7) Protein Engineering, 8) Genomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics, and 9) Nanobiotechnology.
Very interesting talks are scheduled for GENOBIOTEC 13 and researchers, companies and students from all over the country will have the opportunity to meet each other in networking sessions and poster presentations.
Earlier in the month, the SynBioBeta conference will take place on November 15th in San Francisco. The conference is aimed for start-up companies and investors. There are forty speakers from different companies scheduled and a cruise is planned for brunch and networking.
For all those entrepreneurs and academics planning to get their work to business, the SynBioBeta conference is the place to be.
Back in sweet home Mexico, Tec de Monterrey campus Querétaro is organizing the congress Quorum3. From October 24th to the 26th, there will be talks with different specialists in Bioprocesses, Molecular Biology, Industrial Biotechnology, Biopolymers and Metabolic Engineering.
Get ready for those cool events.
So… that’s all for now! See you next time!


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