News – December 1, 2013

Promoters for bacteria and plant cells

From Wheeler, J.I., Freihat, L., and Irving H.R., (2013).

A set of artificial promoters that work both in plant protoplasts and bacterial cells is reported by an Australian research group. These promoters are responsive to cyclic nucleotides and were constructed by fusing response elements from genes known to be regulated by cGMP. These promoters provide a new tool to study the effects of cyclic nucleotides on gene expression in these organisms

Patents and Synthetic Biology

A patent study found interesting trends in the dynamics of patenting in Synthetic Biology related research and identified key actors worldwide. A clear trend for patents for applications in Industrial Biotechnology was observed. The study revealed that Synthetic Biology is still in the first phases of technological development but that since recent years it has been moving towards applications.

From van Doren, D., Koenigstein, S., and Reiss, T., (2013).


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